5 Apps To Help You Biohack

In our previous peak physical performance blogs we looked at how biohacking techniques centred around mental toughness and training schedules can help you achieve your Peak Physical Performance. Peak Physical Performance is when an individual reaches the maximum or near maximum capability of the human body, in terms of health and physical fitness. Now that you’re experts on planning and executing efficient training schedules, as well as maintaining optimistic and resilient mindsets, we’re going to talk about apps you can use to biohack your peak physical performance.

Biohacking Apps

There are so many great apps out there which can help you track, monitor and stay accountable in virtually all areas of your life. It is a convenient and easy way to use your phone to help you track your progress, which in turn helps you see if you’re actually biohacking your way to your best self. Here, we’re going to give you 5 apps that we find helpful for biohacking our peak physical performance.


Sometimes it is difficult to know what your capabilities are. Maybe you’re not challenging yourself enough at the gym, or maybe you are taking it too far. Using advanced machine learning, this app reflects your physical capability. Based on this personalized information, it designs weight lighting workouts catered towards your goals as well as your current physical capacity. This app is a must for anyone looking to biohack their strength and improve their weight lighting!


Getting the right amount of specific nutrients is important when it comes to biohacking your health and physique! Processed and sugary foods are not beneficial for your health and should not be consumed often. This being said, how do you know what you’re eating? It’s all too easy to be confused by lengthy scientific ingredient names, which makes you unsure as to what you’re really getting out of eating a certain food. Edo allows you to scan food at supermarkets and gives you a breakdown of what the ingredients really mean. It uses this information to provide you with an overview of whether the product is good or bad, and what the main benefits or negatives of consuming it are.

Inner balance: 

Inner Balance is an integrative app which serves as a scientifically validated stress management program. It collects data on your heart rate and stress levels, to guide you and measure your progress as you reduce stress. The app acts as a coach to guide you through stress reduction methods, which work to boost your mental clarity, reduce your fatigue and exhaustion, and build resilience from stress. All these benefits come together to help biohack your fitness by improving coordination and reaction times.  

My Plate Calorie Counter:  

Biohacking your diet is essential when it comes to getting the health and fitness results that you’re working for. You could be eating food that is considered healthy (the Edo app above can help you with this) but it might be lacking the nutrients that you need for your specific goals. For instance, when looking to build muscle mass, eating enough protein, and balancing you macros and micros is crucial. This app tracks exactly how much you’re eating and of which specific food group, which allows you to manipulate your diet so you can really get the most out of all the hard work you do at the gym!

Sleep Cycle: 

As you know, it is important to get enough sleep. During sleep, your body is finally getting the chance to recover and repair. Professor Michael Colgan says, “even if your training and nutrition program came straight for the mouth of God almighty, without adequate rest your body will fail to adapt,” so all in all sleep is pretty important!  

The sleep cycle app allows you to track your sleep patterns. It is important to understand your sleep patterns as not all types of sleep are equal! For instance, you may sleep 9 hours but end up waking up feeling really tired because you were in a light sleep pattern for the majority of it. Biohacking your sleep can allow you to get the most out of your sleep and be efficient.  

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