Traditional Cardio vs Metabolic Resistance Training

When it comes to dropping fat and getting in shape, there are two types of training: traditional cardio and metabolic resistance training. Both have their pros and cons and generate results at different stages of your workout journey.

We want you to be the best you can be and see the greatest results from your workout. To maximize your workout regime, you need to understand each approach. Let’s begin by explaining the two.


Traditional cardio is more widely known. Rhythmic exercise is performed on a piece of cardio equipment for as long or as little as desired, with different levels of intensity. You might complete a gentle run on a flat inclination for 15 minutes or a one-hour row at the maximum resistance level. It’s essentially about elevating your heart rate above resting level.

Great for: anyone! Beginners looking to improve fitness. Variety. Overall endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory health.

For those wanting results in a shorter amount of time, try interval training. This type of cardio involves high intensity exercise in a shorter time frame and is known for boosting metabolism and burning fat. It’s also a convenient choice in our busy lives today, as the overall workout is shorter.


Metabolic resistance training focuses on strength and utilizes a very high work rate. It revolves around high intensity exercises, a heavy use of weights and a lot of repetition. Think – HIIT, CrossFit and circuit style training. Rest time between exercises is minimal, keeping the heart rate high. The payoff? Increased muscle mass and the ability to lose weight simultaneously. With more lean muscle you will distribute a greater caloric output and sustain results long after you’ve finished training.

Great for: those wanting to get the most out of their workout and feel the burn! And get the benefits of both resistance training and cardio.

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There’s no one way to achieve results. You know your body, your goals, your lifestyle. You’re in control of your training.

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